Coleman PerfectFlow Single Burner Camping Stove

Coleman Perfectflow Single Burner Camping Stove

The Coleman PerfectFlow Single Burner Camping Stove is a cross between a super lightweight backpacking stove and a heavier duty car camping stove. It’s nice for emergency use or for backwoods camping when you can afford to haul a bit of extra weight to your base camp. This stove is pretty simple, and it doesn’t have tons of parts that can mess up. Since it’s a Coleman product, you know it’s going to be pretty durable, which is great if you’re doing a blend of hiking and base camping.

Features of the Coleman PerfectFlow Single Burner Camping Stove

The Coleman PerfectFlow features, of course, the Coleman PerfectFlow system, which regulates the flow of propane to give you more even flames, even when it’s windy out. Its burner is large enough to hold a full-sized frying pan. It also features a base that your 16 ounce propane cylinder goes into so that it’s less tippy. The stove offers 10,000 BTU of power, which means it can boil a few cups of water in just a few minutes.

Features Include:

  • PerfectFlow system regulates pressure to give more even cooking
  • Large enough burner for a full-sized frying pan
  • Wide base for cylinder offers more stability
  • 10,000 BTU burner

Coleman Perfectflow Single Burner Camping Stove Review

Pros and Cons of this Propane Camping Stove

Something reviewers like about this Coleman Single Burner is that it’s simple to use. The Coleman Perfect flow uses technology that makes it easy to adjust the flame down for a simmer or to boil water quickly. It also features an efficient burner that will give your 16 ounce propane cylinder 2.2 hours on high or nine hours on low. Besides this, the pot supports are made to automatically shield the flames from the wind. The design of this propane camping stove is simple, and it’s very durable.


  • Easy to adjust flame low
  • Efficient burner makes your propane last
  • Pot supports also act as wind shields
  • Simple, durable design


Unlike some camping stoves, this one doesn’t feature an automatic lighting system. You do need matches or a lighter to get it going. With that said, it isn’t difficult to get going – it’s just not quite as convenient.

Is the Coleman PerfectFlow the Stove for You?

The Coleman PerfectFlow Single Burner Camping Stove is certainly not for backpackers, since it weighs about two pounds. However, if you’re looking for something lighter weight than a two or three burner stove that still has the features of these popular Coleman stoves, such as PerfectFlow pressure control, this is the single burner for you. It’s lightweight, sturdy, and easy to use, so it’s great for emergencies and camping alike.

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Coleman Perfectflow Single Burner Camping Stove Sale

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