MSR WindPro Backpack Camping Stoves

Msr Windpro Backpack Camping Stoves

The MSR WindPro Backpack Camping Stoves have a unique design that makes them one of the best camping stoves for windy situations. These stoves come with windscreens and heat reflectors, and they also don’t sit on top of their fuel canisters, which could make them more unstable. Instead, these stoves use a separate pot support and burner that can hold even a large stove. Here’s what you need to know about the MSR WindPro Backpack Camping Stoves.

Features of the MSR WindPro Backpack Camping Stoves

At about 10.5 ounces, the MSR WindPro Backpack Camping Stoves aren’t absolutely the lightest on the market, but they’re pretty close. If you don’t mind sacrificing weight for a bit more versatility and some features that make for gourmet cooking on the trail, this might be the stove for you.

  • Can pack down into a one liter pot
  • Three pot supports work to support even large pots, and stove can be used with bake ovens
  • Windscreen is included for even more ease of cooking

MSR Windpro Backpack Camping Stoves Review

What Makes These One of the Best Camping Stoves?

The MSR Windpro Backpack Camping Stoves are nice because they’re easy to adjust, making it simple to boil water or simmer stew wherever you are.


  • Comes with a lifetime warranty in case you have any problems with the stove
  • Works with canister fuel that’s easy to find and easy to use
  • Includes a heat reflector that keeps you from scorching a hole in picnic tables or other cooking surfaces


  • Some reviewers don’t like that MSR WindPro Backpack Camping Stoves don’t work with multiple types of fuel. Just keep in mind that this stove only works with canister fuels, and you’ll get what you need.

Is the MSR WindPro for You?

The MSR WindPro Backpack Camping Stoves are great for people who like using canister fuel and who prefer a remote canister design, which can be more stable. If you’re backpacking and want a super lightweight option, this may be just the stove for you. If you like the flexibility of being able to use liquid or canister fuels, or if you want an even lighter weight stove, this may not be your best option, as MSR makes flexible fuel stoves as well as lighter weight stoves that don’t have the remote canister design featured by the WindPro.

Best Price and Availability

The MSR WindPro stove is available at some of the offline retail stores that specialize in outdoor camping equipment but you will obviously find the easiest availability (as well as the best price) on the WindPro when you buy online. Just click here now and take advantage of today’s best deal and save!

MSR Windpro Backpack Camping Stoves Sale

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